Antique Cars

Manufactured by: Unknown

Drive your own beautiful antique car past a scenic wooded area and underneath the Phoenix Roller Coaster! These Model T-like replicas will transport you back to the days of the early 20th century as you steer along a guiding rail. The original cars were purchased from Rocky Glen Park in Moosic, Pennsylvania when it closed in 1987. The cars are powered by Kohler and Honda Lawnmower engines.  (Wikipedia – Knoebels Amusement Resort).

This article last updated on February 10, 2021.

Knoebels Antique Cars

Knoebels Antique Car in Winter – Credit: Knoebels Facebook Page Accessed February 10, 2021.

About Antique Cars

Antique Cars were installed at Knoebels in 1989, several of the original cars were purchased from Rocky Glen Park Moosic, Pennsylvania which closed in 1987. Riders power the cars by pushing a gas peddle (which is often difficult for smaller riders), the riders then steer the cars as they traverse the track passing under the Phoenix structure multiple times. Each car is kept on the track by a single rail that runs the entire length of the ride. The cars run on Kohler and Honda Lawnmower engines and are gas driven.

During Knoebels Hallo-Fun the cars are decorated in a spooky theme where riders ride the cars in the dark, the special effects include live actors, black lighting, glow in the dark paint, and fog along with spooky scenes.

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Manufactured: Unknown
Status: Operating
Capacity: Varies
Operated: 1989 – Present

Operation and Safety Features

The ride features a single rail that extends the entire length of the ride keeping riders on the track. This ride moves slowly and features no additional safety features.


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Knoebels Antique Car in Winter

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Knoebels Antique Car in Winter – by Knoebels Amusement Resort.  Retrieved from Facebook on February 10, 2021.